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"Before the course, I was told I would probably more than double my speed;
however, it startled me when I actually did." 
-- Robert Warren, course attendee

Imagine watching a movie at 1/2 speed or at 1/3 speed.  Even if it’s a good movie, you probably won't think it's good.  A 2-hour movie would take 4-6 hours, and it would be difficult to stay focused with the information coming at you so slowly.

Some people do this to themselves all the time while they read.  They think reading is boring, but it’s just that they do it too slowly.  They are causing their own misery. 
God designed your brain to receive information fast enough to hold your attention.  You can more than double your reading speed by making eye fixations on groups of words rather than on one word at a time.   As you speed up, it's like putting the movie on at the right speed!  You’ll have less trouble with daydreaming and loss of concentration. 
Reading becomes much more engaging and interesting.
As the new technique becomes second nature to you, your reading rate will skyrocket. 
Imagine being able to do all of your reading assignments in less than half the time.  It's not just about being fast and doing well in's about having enough free time to sleep, to work out, to spend time with short, to live a more balanced, enjoyable life.

An award-winning college professor, Jamie Lash has been teaching people how to dramatically improve their reading skills since 1991.  Several thousand have taken his four-day class. As people learn how to double their reading speed, many are surprised to discover their comprehension and enjoyment of reading have also increased.
With a 100% money-back guarantee, we've removed all the risk.  So you can take the course and expect significant results - or your money back! 

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